Minjung Theology Today

Contextual and Intercultural Perspectives
Contact Zone. Explorations in Intercultural Theology, Band 21

Jin-Kwan Kwon | Volker Küster (Eds.)

Many people may wonder about the current state of minjung theology that started in the 1970s in resistance to the military dictatorship in Korea. They ask: »Is minjung theology still alive?« or »Can the concept of minjung, a Korean term for poor and oppressed people, still offer a significant contribution to the reshaping of society closer to the Kingdom of God?« The essays in this volume attempt to answer such questions directly and indirectly.

The authors are from Korea, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and the United States. They deal with minjung theology from their own contexts. The essays were written to commemorate the late minjung theologian Suh Nam-Dong (1918–1984) on the 30th anniversary of his ­passing.

[Minjung-Theologie heute. Kontextuelle und interkulturelle Perspektiven]

Viele werden sich wundern, was der aktuelle Status der Minjung-Theologie ist, die in den 1970ern im Widerstand gegen die koreanische Militärdiktatur entstand. ...


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