Religion and Aging

Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Explorations
Contact Zone. Explorations in Intercultural Theology, Band 20

Andrea Bieler | Matthias Stracke | Angelika Veddeler (Eds.)

This collection of essays explores the intersection of religious, psychosocial, economic and cultural issues in relation to the dramatic demographic shifts we are facing on a global scale.

Theologians, gerontologists, anthropologists and practitioners reflect on the meaning of aging in diverse contexts such as Indonesia, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland. Assuming that aging is an intricate process that encompasses enrichment and loss, the gain of wisdom and the loss of memory, and the expansion as well as the constraint of agency, the essays analyze how these dynamics play out in different cultural contexts. Special attention is given to the role of religion in processes of aging.

[Religion und Altwerden. Interkulturelle und interdisziplinäre Erkundungen]

Der Sammelband untersucht das Zusammenspiel religiöser, psychosozialer, ökonomischer und kultureller Aspekte in Bezug auf die dramatischen demographischen Veränderungen, mit denen ...


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