Religion and Migration

Negotiating Hospitality, Agency and Vulnerability

Hrsg. von Andrea Bieler, Isolde Karle, HyeRan Kim-Cragg und Ilona Nord

This volume explores religious discourses and practices of hospitality in the context of migration. It articulates the implied ambivalences and even contradictions as well as the potential contributions to a more just world through social interconnection with others.
The book features authors from diverse national, denominational, cultural, and racial backgrounds. Their essays explore the dichotomy of hospitality between guest and host, while tackling the meaning of home or the loss of it. By interrogating both the peril and promise of the relationship between religion, chiefly Christianity, and hospitality, special attention will be given to the role of migrants’ vulnerability and agency, by drawing from empirical, theological, sociological and anthropological insights emerged from postcolonial migration contexts.

With contributions by Ray Aldred, Andrea Bieler, Rafael Bohlen, Jione Havea, Claudia Hoffmann, Katja Höglinger, Claudia Jahnel, Isolde Karle, Julius-Kei Kato, HyeRan ...


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