Protestant Traditions and the Soul of Europe

Beihefte zur Ökumenischen Rundschau, Band 110

Gijsbert van den Brink | Gerard den Hertog (Eds.)

What binds contemporary Europeans together in terms of cultural values that go beyond a common interest in economic growth? In a time of resurging nationalist movements all over Europe, the need for what former President of the European Commission Jacques Delors called a »soul for Europe« has become more urgent than ever.

In this volume, Delors’s 25 years old appeal to the churches is taken seriously. In particular, contributions to a common sense of belonging that have been made by the traditions of European Protestantism are carefully investigated.

In nineteen case studies, topics and areas as varied as theological identity, religious tolerance, political philosophy, ethics, the arts, the scientific mentality, and the economy are covered. It appears that despite the rise of religious pluralism throughout Europe, aspects of the Protestant ethos continue to be key to societal cohesion in many places.

[Protestantische Traditionen und die Seele Europas]

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