Resisting Exclusion

Global Theological Responses to Populism
LWB-Studien / LWF Studies, Band 1/2019

Eva Harasta | Simone Sinn (Eds.)

As societies live with diversity and yet struggle with both social fragmentation and increasing economic inequalities, populism is once again rising. Populist ethno-nationalist discourse seeks to ignite fear and hate, promote marginalization and exclusion of those who are regarded as not belonging to »the people«. What is the role and responsibility of theology and the churches in the midst of these developments? Church leaders and teaching theologians from eighteen different countries offer analyses, trace emerging global trends and outline some country-specific developing situations. Examples are given of how churches take up the challenge to resist exclusion and advocate for strengthening participatory processes and people’s agency.

[Widerstand gegen Ausgrenzung. Globale theologische Antworten auf den Populismus]

In Zeiten, in denen Gesellschaften mit der Vielfalt leben und dennoch mit sozialer Fragmentierung und zunehmenden wirtschaftlichen Ungleichheiten zu kämpfen ...


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